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If you are considering creating a Scottsdale prenuptial agreement before your marriage, contact Guymon Law for legal assistance. We are experienced family law attorneys who can help you with this type of contract. It is critical to work with a qualified lawyer to avoid the risk of a legally unenforceable document. We have years of experience creating prenuptial agreements and can guide you through every step of this legal matter. Request a consultation at (480) 553-9782 today.

Why Choose Guymon Law

  • Our attorneys understand all of the laws surrounding prenuptial agreements in Scottsdale and how to best protect our clients using these legal documents.
  • We have in-depth knowledge about applying prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in divorce cases, as well as creating prenups beforehand.
  • Your lawyer will personalize his or her legal services to address your unique needs. We can make a complicated legal process easier, simpler and more stress-free for your family.

What Is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that can protect your assets from being given to your spouse in the event of a divorce. It is created before the wedding and goes into effect on the date of the marriage. It is used most often to divide property and organize marital assets. It can also establish other important terms for a dissolution of marriage, however, such as marital debts, family property and children from a previous marriage.

A prenup is essentially a safeguard in case your marriage doesn’t work out at any point in the future. It can protect the hard-earned assets of one or both parties and help prevent an expensive contested Scottsdale divorce case by creating terms while you and your spouse are still communicating. Creating a prenup does not mean that you anticipate getting a divorce or that you don’t believe in your relationship; it simply protects you in any possible scenario.

Do You Need a Prenuptial Agreement in Scottsdale?

Any couple could benefit from creating a prenuptial agreement, but they are most commonly used by couples with complicated or high-value assets. For example, if one spouse is bringing considerably more income and assets into a marriage than the other, the owner of these assets might wish to protect them from being divided with his or her spouse in a divorce by using a prenup.

Prenuptial agreements are especially common in a community state such as Arizona, which divides all community property (marital assets) down the middle in a divorce. If you own a business, have a substantial amount of money or savings, have complicated assets that you wish to protect, or you wish to avoid taking on half of your future husband or wife’s debts in a divorce, a prenuptial agreement may be right for you. If you are already married, consider a postnuptial agreement instead. This is the same type of document, but it is created after the nuptials.

What Makes a Prenup Valid in Arizona?

A prenuptial agreement must be properly drafted and only contain terms that are legally enforceable. First, the contract must be in writing. The Arizona courts do not honor verbal prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. Second, the agreement cannot contain any unreasonable or illegal terms, such as a requirement for a wife to produce a male heir or participate in criminal activities. Third, the contract must include both parties’ voluntary signatures. Fourth, the party that did not execute the agreement must have had the opportunity to consult with an unbiased attorney at least a week before having to sign.

Contact a Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Scottsdale for Assistance

You do not want to assume that you are protected by a prenuptial agreement only to find out that it is invalid or not legally enforceable when you try to get a divorce. The best way to ensure a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is legitimate and will actually protect you is by working with an attorney  to create the legal document. Contact Guymon Law to speak to a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney about a Scottsdale prenuptial agreement today.