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If a judge in Arizona has given you a child support, child custody or spousal maintenance order in a divorce or legal separation case, it may be possible to modify these orders with assistance from a family law attorney. At Guymon Law, our attorneys increase their clients’ odds of successful Scottsdale modifications with years of experience and tailored legal solutions. For information about how our attorneys can help you with a modification request, call (480) 553-9782.

When to Hire a Modifications Attorney in Scottsdale

A judge does not grant every court order modification request. The only modifications that are approved are those with evidence establishing that the claimant has a valid motive for requesting the change. For this reason, it is often wise to hire a family law attorney in Scottsdale to represent you and help prove your modification case.

An attorney can gather evidence and documentation to support your reason for requesting the modification. Then, your lawyer can head to court and go before a judge to argue your case, if necessary. An attorney can help you with many aspects of the modification process, guiding you skillfully through the legal process.

When Are Modifications of Support Allowed in Arizona?

A judge in Arizona will only approve a modification request if the requestor has a valid reason for needing the original court order to be modified. It is up to you or your attorney to establish the reason you are giving a judge for the alteration. You will do this using supporting evidence, such as financial records, medical documents or a letter from your employer.

Some of the most common reasons a judge in Arizona will approve a modification request are:

  • A significant change in financial circumstances since your divorce or separation, such as the loss of your job or a demotion.
  • Life-changing circumstances, such as a new marriage, the birth of a new child or suffering a permanent disability.
  • One parent being arrested and sentenced to jail, or new allegations of child neglect, substance abuse or other behaviors that could endanger the safety of the child.
  • A change in the child’s needs, such as new requirements for education or health care.
  • One parent moving away or relocating a child, if the move is a significant distance and makes parenting time or visitation a burden.

A judge will not modify a court order only because the claimant believes it is unfair. There must be a valid and provable reason to request a modification. In most situations, the request must also come some time after the original order was given. A successful modification request can result in the order being temporary or permanently altered.

How to Request a Modification in Scottsdale

If you wish to petition the courts for a modification of a support order, start by attempting to reach an agreement with your ex-spouse. If you and your ex can agree on the change and it does not interfere with a child’s best interests, the courts will sign off on the modification without requiring a trial. If you and your spouse don’t agree on the modification, gather evidence that proves that you experienced a significant change in circumstance. Prepare to file a petition with the family courts with help from a lawyer. Work with an attorney from the very beginning of your case for the best odds of success.

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It is possible to modify a court order in a family law case in Arizona. A successful modification has a special legal process, however, as well as requirements for the requesting party. The best way to submit a modification request is by working with a family law attorney. The Scottsdale modifications attorneys at Guymon Law care about their clients. We are compassionate legal advocates with the resources, experience and knowledge to help you with any family law matter in the Scottsdale area. Contact us online or call (480) 553-9782 today to request a case consultation.