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Legal Separation Attorney in Scottsdale

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Legal separation is a popular alternative to divorce in Scottsdale. If you are considering getting legally separated from your spouse, the experienced family law attorneys at Guymon Law can help you navigate the legal process. We are compassionate legal separation and divorce lawyers who can come up with tailored legal solutions that fit the needs of your family. Request a case evaluation with our Scottsdale legal separation lawyers today for more information.

Why Choose Guymon Law

  • Our core values guide us in everything that we do. We believe in representing clients with mindfulness, respect, trust, integrity, diligence and excellence.
  • We are a trusted and reputable family law firm in Scottsdale. Individuals and families have trusted us with their legal separation cases for many years.
  • Our lawyers will do everything that they can to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. We are prepared to represent you at trial in Maricopa County, if necessary.

What Is Legal Separation in Scottsdale?

Legal separation means that while a couple is still legally married on paper, they are free to lead separate lives. They can live in different homes, divide their assets and property, and create a child custody and support plan while remaining married in the eyes of the law. It is a common alternative to traditional divorce for couples who do not want to get divorced for personal or financial reasons, as well as couples who wish to keep the option of reconciliation open.

Some of the benefits of legal separation compared to divorce include:

  • You can live a separate life from your spouse without the cost or stress of a divorce, as well as without going against your personal or religious beliefs.
  • You can become legally separated from your spouse if you don’t meet Arizona’s residency requirements for a divorce.
  • The insurance, tax, employment, military and other benefits you receive through your marriage will remain intact.
  • Any income, assets or property you acquire after the date of legal separation will remain your separate property, meaning it is protected from property division should you eventually get a divorce.
  • If you and your spouse reconcile, it is much easier (and cheaper) to terminate a legal separation than to get remarried after you have already gotten divorced.

Legal separation comes with a faster, easier and less expensive legal process than a divorce in Arizona. If you and your spouse eventually decide to get a divorce, the process will be simpler, as you will already have determined key matters such as property division and parenting time during your Scottsdale legal separation.

What Does it Take to Get Legally Separated in Arizona?

Like a divorce in Arizona, becoming legally separated requires filling out and filing the required paperwork, including the petition for legal separation. It also requires that you and your spouse create a settlement agreement, where you make decisions about child custody, child support, alimony and asset division. If you cannot decide on these factors, a family law judge in Scottsdale can create a legal separation order for you. Either way, you must obtain a judgment of legal separation from the court to finalize the process.

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It can be important to hire a legal separation attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona if you are considering this legal solution. Achieving a fair separation agreement may take assistance from an attorney who can take on mediation, arbitration or litigation on your behalf. An attorney can help you and your spouse agree on issues of property division and custody, for example, as well as help you turn your legal separation into a divorce in the future, if desired.

For more information about all of the ways that an attorney at Guymon Law can help you with legal separation, contact us online or call (480) 553-9782 to schedule a consultation. We will work hard to protect your rights and future as our client.