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Paternity Lawyer in Scottsdale

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If you need professional assistance during a parentage or paternity case in Scottsdale, contact the attorneys at Guymon Law. We are a constant support to parents in Arizona who are struggling through difficult times. We will take the time to get to know you, identify your goals and personalize our services so that you can improve your chances of a successful paternity case. Learn more today by scheduling a case consultation with one of our Scottsdale family law attorneys.

What Does a Scottsdale Paternity Lawyer Do?

A Scottsdale paternity attorney can remove the legal burden from your shoulders during this type of legal case, allowing you to focus on your family and future while a trained professional handles complicated legal issues for you. For example, an attorney can help you establish paternity using DNA or blood tests, or walk you through a paternity trial in Maricopa County.

An attorney can also make sure that you meet any applicable legal requirements and deadlines in Arizona so that you don’t lose your chance to establish paternity. With so much at stake in a paternity case, it is important to optimize your odds of success by hiring an attorney.

Why Would You Need to Establish Paternity?

Establishing paternity can have many important benefits for both the parent and child. It legally establishes fatherhood, confirming the familial relationship on paper and in the eyes of the law. It creates a legal father – which may or may not be the child’s biological father – which will have all of the legal rights given to this party. Some of the key benefits of establishing paternity in Scottsdale include:

  • Insurance benefits
  • Military benefits
  • Inheritance
  • Child visitation and custody rights
  • Child support
  • Knowing the child’s medical history
  • Answering questions about the child’s genealogy

Even if a potential father has passed away, it can be important to legally establish paternity to provide the child with any available financial benefits, such as death benefits from an insurance company, a portion of the father’s estate or an inheritance. Establishing parentage can benefit a family in many different ways.

How Is Paternity Established in Arizona?

The easiest way to establish Scottsdale paternity is for the couple to be married at the time of the birth of the child. In Arizona, if the couple is married, paternity is automatically assumed. The husband will write his name on the child’s birth certificate to establish paternity. If it is later discovered that the mother had an affair, the biological father may challenge paternity, if desired.

If the mother was unmarried at the time of the birth, paternity is not assumed. Instead, the father will need to sign the Recognition of Parentage to voluntarily establish paternity. If voluntary paternity is not an option, the mother will need help from the courts to establish paternity instead. A paternity case may go to court if the father denies being the child’s parent or the mother refuses to acknowledge the father’s paternity.

The legal process for establishing paternity in Arizona involves some type of DNA test to prove the biological relationship between the child and the alleged father. The party responsible for paying for this test will depend on the case. A DNA test will determine with 99 percent certainty that the father and child are biologically related. This will establish the child’s legal father, along with all of the benefits of establishing paternity for the child.

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