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1.19.23 Posted By 1p21.admin Parental Rights

Adoption, but first… Severance

What is a Severance of Parental Rights? Absent the most extreme and unique of circumstances, you cannot adopt a child unless one or both parents’ rights have been severed. This is because you are asking to be the new legal parent. So, what is severance or termination anyway? These two terms are used interchangeably...
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7.30.21 Posted By Alison Anders Custody

Communication Tips for Co-Parenting During Vacation

Though vacations are a time to relax and unwind, an unclear parenting plan with your co-parent could cause unwanted conflict and start your vacation off on a bad note before it even has begun. Being on the same page as your co-parent regarding specific rules laid forth in your parenting plan will not only...
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4.01.21 Posted By Alison Anders Custody

Structure For A Stress-Free Summer

It is time to start planning your summer vacation with your children. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the mountains or two weeks at the beach, the vacation plans will go smoother if you practice positive co-parenting. So, what do family law attorneys in Chandler recommend doing before you plan your vacation with your...
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3.01.21 Posted By Alison Anders Divorce

Texting During Divorce

Because, though a text message or social media post may seem insignificant in a moment when emotions are running high, saying the wrong thing could potentially hold long-lasting consequences that you could have never predicted before you pressed that send button. When going through a divorce or custody case, it is crucial to understand...
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