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At Guymon Law, our Chandler family law attorneys are knowledgeable, passionate about helping people and experienced in a wide range of legal matters. We can provide the best legal advice possible during a difficult matter, whether you’re going through a divorce, a paternity case or another type of family law case. We’ve represented hundreds of clients throughout Arizona and are proud of the life-changing results we’ve secured. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • With a primary focus on family law, our attorneys have an advanced level of knowledge and experience handling these types of cases, including divorce, legal separation and child support issues.
  • We are always trying to do better and search for ways to improve the client experience. We don’t just bill hours, but really help people strategize and solve their problems.
  • Our law firm has 16 staff members and more than 50 years of combined experience among our family law attorneys. We are a reputable and award-winning law firm in Chandler.

What Services Does a Chandler Family Law Attorney Provide?

Working with a family law attorney can make an enormous difference to the outcome of your case. An attorney will have years of knowledge, education and hands-on experience with your type of case. This will give you an edge in and out of the courtroom that can help you secure the case results that you need. You don’t have to worry about dealing with the legal process alone with an attorney advocating for your interests. Hiring an attorney is especially important in family law, as you may have a lot at stake. A lawyer in Chandler can provide all of the following, and more:

  • Legal advice, counsel and guidance for those struggling through a difficult time.
  • Legal document preparation (divorce petitions, prenuptial agreements, QDROs, etc.).
  • Pretrial settlement negotiations.
  • Alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration).
  • Representation during a family law trial.
  • Support through every phase of a family law matter.

You have a better chance of protecting what’s important to you with a Chandler family law lawyer by your side. Your lawyer can navigate the complex aspects of the law on your behalf, as well as provide creative solutions to your unique issues. While family law cases are often challenging and emotionally stressful, hiring an attorney can give you and your family greater peace of mind. Your attorney can take care of complicated legal matters for you while you focus on what matters most – yourself, your family and your future.

Chandler Family Law FAQs

Family law is a complicated practice area that can be confusing and overwhelming for those involved. One of our goals is to answer any questions that you may have during your case, starting with these frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the basics of Arizona family law:

  • Is Arizona a fault or no-fault divorce state?
    Arizona uses a no-fault divorce law, meaning neither you nor your spouse has to be responsible for the breakup to request a divorce. You do not have to prove that your spouse was cheating on you, for example, to get divorced.
  • Can you modify a court order after a divorce decree?
    Yes, if you can prove that you have a valid reason, a judge may grant a request to change a child support, spousal support or child custody order.
  • Do you have to hire an attorney?
    No. There is no law in Arizona that requires you to hire an attorney to represent you during a family law case. Doing so, however, can greatly increase your chances of achieving your goals for a case.

Guymon Law offers one-on-one case evaluations in Chandler, where you can discuss your particular case in detail with an attorney in person or over the phone. During an initial consultation, you can ask any questions that you may have about a specific situation and receive legal advice.

About Guymon Law

In 2010, Amber L. Guymon founded Guymon Law because she wanted to make a real difference in the lives of individuals and families in her community. Her approach to Chandler family law is unique; she and her staff emphasize honesty and truthfulness. Our law firm never gives clients unrealistic expectations or empty promises. We believe in the power of knowledge, open communication and creative problem-solving.

In many family law cases, a win-win is not possible for everybody. We recognize this and are there for clients going through emergencies and sensitive matters. Our law firm is focused on fighting for our clients using innovative ideas and an in-depth knowledge of how the law works in Arizona. Thanks to our core values of honesty, integrity, compassion and excellence, we have received recognition from Elite Lawyer, The National Advocates Top 40 Under 40, Avvo, The Arizona Association of Family Law Attorneys and other legal organizations.

Types of Cases We Accept at Guymon Law

Family law is a major practice area that deals with many different types of cases and lawsuits. Any legal issue that pertains to family, such as marriage, divorce, children, parentage and estates, falls under the umbrella of family law. At Guymon Law, our attorneys accept many different types of family law cases in Chandler and the surrounding areas, including:

We are selective in the family law cases that we accept in Chandler, Arizona. This allows us to commit our full attention to each case and client we represent. We also use a team approach to strongly advocate for our clients and help those who are struggling through difficult times. Our goal is to be a constant support system during your family law matter.

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For more information about your family law case and how we can help, contact Guymon Law to request a consultation. Our Chandler family law attorneys have everything that you need in a legal representative. We care about you, your family and your goals for the future. We will work around the clock to take care of your legal matter for you. Discuss your case in more detail during an evaluation at our local law firm. Call (480) 553-9782 today.