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Child support is a key aspect of many divorce and legal separation cases in Arizona. Child support refers to a financial obligation that one parent has to the other parent after a divorce, with the goal of maintaining a child’s standard of living. For assistance with Chandler child support in your family law matter, you can rely on Guymon Law for knowledgeable and experienced attorneys. We can be your legal advocates to help you get through a difficult time in your family’s life.

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Chandler Child Support Guidelines

In Arizona, child support is calculated using the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are based on each party’s gross income, the amount of parenting time the children spend with each parent, and other factors such as insurance costs and childcare expenses. Although the guidelines are based on a mathematical formula, they are complex and often require court intervention to determine the correct amount.

Calculating child support can be complicated by the following factors:

  • A parent is self-employed
  • A parent is mentally or physically disabled
  • A parent is caring for very young children
  • A child is attending private school or has special needs
  • A parent receives investment income or recurring gifts from family members
  • A parent or child is receiving public assistance
  • A parent is attending school or occupational training

Arizona’s Child Support Guidelines changed as of January 1, 2022. Although the new system closely follows the previous structure, it has been updated and reorganized to make it easier for families to navigate. It is still important, however, to work with an attorney to determine how much you or your spouse should pay in child support. Every case is unique and deserves personalized attention from a trained and licensed family law attorney.

Establishing Chandler Child Support

If child support has never been ordered for your child, or if you have filed for divorce, the court must establish an initial child support order. In some cases, the court may order retroactive child support if the parents have been living separately. The court can also determine responsibility for health insurance, tax exemptions, and other expenses related to the children.

Child Support Trials

The Arizona courts allow parents to work out their own child support arrangements before the matters must go to trial. For this reason, child support trials are often unnecessary. Many parents can come to successful settlement agreements, especially with tools such as assistance from attorneys or mediation in Chandler. A settlement allows a family to save on litigation costs, as well as avoid the stress and emotional toll of a trial.

You should always consult with a lawyer about your child support settlement before signing anything. The amount that your spouse proposes in child support might not be adequate according to Arizona’s Child Support Guidelines. You and your child have the right to receive an amount that is fair and reasonable. An attorney can help you calculate a fair child support award and negotiate for the amount that your family deserves – in or out of court.

What Age Does Child Support Stop in Arizona?

In Arizona, the law states that a financial obligation for child support will last until the age of majority. In Arizona, this is the child’s 18th birthday. A child support obligation is presumed to terminate on the final day of the month that the child turns 18. If a divorce case involves multiple children, the order will terminate when the youngest child turns 18. It may be possible to request Chandler child support modification for a reduced amount, however, as older children age out of the order.

There are exceptions to the rule in special cases. A child support obligation may last longer than a child’s 18th birthday, for example, if the child has a significant physical or mental disability that prevents him or her from living independently. If the child is still in high school at the age of 18, this can also extend the child support timeline. The length of time assigned will depend on your specific situation and how long the child requires financial support.

Child Support Modifications

Financial circumstances change over time and may necessitate a modification of Chandler child support. Generally, either party can file to modify child support if there has been a “substantial and continuing change in circumstances,” such as increased insurance costs, a better paying job, or the addition of another child to your family. The court will not automatically modify a child support obligation. You must file the appropriate documents with the court to ensure that the support obligation is enforceable. The modification only becomes effective on the first day of the month following service of a proper request to modify support. Thus, if you experience a change in circumstances, it is important to schedule a consultation right away to determine whether you would benefit from a modification. The court cannot modify child support retroactively.

Child Support Enforcement

Court orders are not self-enforcing. If the other party is not complying with the terms of your decree, parenting plan, or other court orders, you must bring this to the court’s attention. If the other parent is behind on support or has failed to reimburse you for out-of-pocket medical expenses, enforcement may be necessary to obtain compliance with the order.

If the court finds that the other party has violated a court order, they may be sanctioned and you may be entitled to reimbursement of your attorney’s fees. In extreme cases, the other party may even be incarcerated until the support is paid.

The simple act of failing to comply with a court order is not sufficient to ensure that the court will sanction the opposing party. It is important to consult with an attorney about the type of evidence that will be needed to ensure the best possible outcome.

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