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10.08.17 Posted By Amber Guymon Bankruptcy,Divorce

Amber Guymon grew up in a legal-minded household as the daughter. of a Salt Lake City attorney and a superior court judicial assistant. “Talk at the dinner table was all about court cases and litigation,” she says. “I remember discussing the strategy and the stories with my parents. My dad would try so hard to take care of his clients. My first job was working for him. and I saw how clients trusted him. It had a real impact on me.”


At 18, Guymon started as a judicial assistant for a judge on a criminal rotation. “I was able to see the internal workings of the court system, day in and day out,” she says. “Understanding the gears of that machine was a real benefit.” One legal job became another as she moved around the legal community, first in Utah and then Arizona.

“I knew what it took to win cases from watching my father, and then later picking up on the skills of the better attorneys in the courtrooms and law offices where I was employed. While Guymon learned from example, success has been of her own making. “Eventually, it came down to hard work, solid strategy. and good planning. I excelled at these things.”

Guymon gained work experience in family law, civil litigation, and criminal defense as she completed her undergraduate studies and law school. She did all this while raising two young children.

Never daunted by hard work, Guymon leveraged ten years of legal experience and opened her practice in Gilbert. It took no time for Guymon to see that clients were satisfied. She started to receive more and more referrals from pleased existing and former clients. “Former clients often come back to my office when faced with new sets of obstacles. I like that. As your lawyer, I want to have a long-term relationship with you – one where you can come see me about any problem.” Guymon’s business is derived largely from repeat clients and client referrals.

Part of that success is due to her support for and personable focus on her clients. “I really do like helping people,” Guymon says. “I keep my rates affordable, offer a very hands-on approach to legal problems, and stay pro-active throughout the professional relationship. People just need someone they can trust as they work through difficult personal circumstances. I am lucky that in this profession, I can really make a positive difference in my client’s lives. It is very rewarding.”

Guymon’s practice deals with Chandler divorce law, custody, grandparent’s rights, adoption, severance and prenuptial agreements.