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Communication Tips for Co-Parenting During Vacation

7.30.21 Posted By Alison Anders Custody

Though vacations are a time to relax and unwind, an unclear parenting plan with your co-parent could cause unwanted conflict and start your vacation off on a bad note before it even has begun. Being on the same page as your co-parent regarding specific rules laid forth in your parenting plan will not only encourage positive co-parenting but also avoid any unnecessary issues while preparing for your vacation. Here are a few techniques that Chandler family lawyers recommend to help keep the peace between you and your co-parent.

Layout how vacations will be handled in your parenting plan.

Will vacation time take precedence over regularly scheduled parenting time? Many co-parents tend to use this method as it promotes fairness in regard to both parent’s holiday/vacation time. For example, if your co-parent is scheduled to have the child(ren) on vacation over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year, but you are scheduled to have the child(ren) from December 24 until December 25, your co-parent’s vacation time will take precedence over your regular scheduled parenting time.

Ensure both co-parents will have equal time with the child(ren) with respect to vacation time.

Lay forth all vacation time that the child(ren) will have throughout the entire year. Once those vacation dates are laid out, divide them equally amongst yourself and your co-parent to ensure both parents will have equal time with the child(ren). Another great method in regard to vacation time that ensures not only equal time with the child(ren) between you and your co-parent but also positive co-parenting is flexibility. Be flexible with your co-parent. Determine an exact amount of days/weeks that each of you can use throughout the year solely for vacation time. These pre-discussed and agreed-upon dates will provide a foolproof parenting plan with no grey area to cause unnecessary confrontation.


As always, communication is key. When planning a vacation, be sure to inform your co-parent about specific dates of travel, where you and the child(ren) will be staying throughout the vacation, ways in which to keep the child(ren) in contact during the vacation, etc. Though it may seem like a nuisance because it is, after all, your vacation time, keeping your co-parent in the loop of your vacation plans ahead of time can greatly influence the direction in which your vacation will start. The decision is yours.

Map out all planned vacations for the year on a shared calendar between you and your co-parent.

Creating a calendar that shows every vacation in which you and your co-parent plan to take throughout the year can help clear up any questions and avoid unnecessary conflict regarding vacation time.