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7.30.21 Posted By Alison Anders Custody

Communication Tips for Co-Parenting During Vacation

Though vacations are a time to relax and unwind, an unclear parenting plan with your co-parent could cause unwanted conflict and start your vacation off on a bad note before it even has begun. Being on the same page as your co-parent regarding specific rules laid forth in your parenting plan will not only...
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4.01.21 Posted By Alison Anders Custody

Structure For A Stress-Free Summer

It is time to start planning your summer vacation with your children. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the mountains or two weeks at the beach, the vacation plans will go smoother if you practice positive co-parenting. So, what do family law attorneys in Chandler recommend doing before you plan your vacation with your...
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6.29.20 Posted By Taylor House Custody,Divorce

Parenting Coordinators

In Arizona family court cases, both parents may agree to the appointment of a parenting coordinator. Parenting coordination is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process. A parenting coordinator (or PC for short) can assist the parents with implementing and complying with their legal decision-making and parenting time orders. They can also help parents timely...
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3.31.20 Posted By Taylor House Custody

Covid-19 and Co-Parenting

These are unprecedented times for our families and the global population.  Co-parenting during this pandemic has created novel issues for co-parents. Given these new challenges, it is more imperative than ever that co-parents work cooperatively in their child(ren)’s best interests. In recent weeks, I’ve been touched by unusually effective levels of cooperation between parents...
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