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After a judge finalizes your divorce or legal separation decree, is it possible to modify the terms of your agreement, in some circumstances. If you wish to request a family law modification in Chandler, contact an attorney at Guymon Law for advice and legal advocacy during the court process. Our lawyers are passionate about helping individuals and families get through difficult times using customized legal services. We have years of experience representing clients during modification requests.

What Is a Chandler Family Law Modification?

A modification in Chandler family law is a legal document that you file with the same court that issued your original divorce decree. It describes your wishes for altering your current court order, such as an order for child support, spousal maintenance or child custody. Filing a Chandler modification document will initiate a legal process where a judge will review the facts of your case, your current order and the evidence that you have to demonstrate a change in circumstances. Then, the judge will determine if the requested change is reasonable and appropriate.

When Are Modifications Granted in the Family Courts in Arizona?

Each case is unique. A judge in Maricopa County will often grant a modification request, however, if there is sufficient evidence showing that a variation to the Final Order is necessary or – in a case involving minor children – in a child’s best interests. In general, there must be proof of a significant change in your circumstances from the date that the original order was given. Examples of situations that may warrant a modification in the family courts include:

  • A child’s needs changing as he or she gets older.
  • One or both parents remarrying or having children.
  • The loss of one parent’s job.
  • A serious injury or illness changing the needs of a child or the ability of a parent to earn a living wage.
  • One parent seeking to relocate with a child.
  • Allegations or evidence of child abuse, domestic violence or substance abuse.
  • One parent being arrested or put in jail.
  • One parent failing to carry out his or her obligation or to obey a court order (default).

Many different circumstances could qualify you for the modification of a court order. Depending on the details of your case, you may be able to achieve an alteration to your child support or spousal support obligation, parenting time arrangement, or even an order for property division. You will need to prove to a judge that the modification is appropriate and necessary, however, using supporting evidence. An attorney can help you with this complicated task.

How a Chandler Modification Attorney Can Help

Hiring an attorney to represent you during a modification request in Arizona can strengthen your case and improve your overall legal experience. Rather than taking on the complex and often stressful legal process on your own, you can trust an attorney to handle the legwork of your case for you.

Your attorney can fill out and submit the required paperwork, give you legal advice that you can trust and support your family during a tough time. A lawyer will know how to efficiently and effectively take care of your case – including going to court – on your behalf. Working with the right Chandler modification attorney can help you protect your rights and future.

Contact a Modifications Attorney at Guymon Law for More Information

If you wish to discuss the possibility of a court order modification in Chandler, Arizona, contact the local family law attorneys at Guymon Law to schedule a consultation. We have years of experience in this area of family law. We know which tactics to use to optimize your chances of a successful modification request. Call our local law office today at (480) 680-8823 for more information, or briefly describe your situation in an online message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.