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Texting During Divorce

3.01.21 Posted By Alison Anders Divorce

Because, though a text message or social media post may seem insignificant in a moment when emotions are running high, saying the wrong thing could potentially hold long-lasting consequences that you could have never predicted before you pressed that send button. When going through a divorce or custody case, it is crucial to understand the impact your words can have on your case. Text messages and social media posts are considered discoverable information, which means that they can be used against you in court and potentially harm your case. I think it is safe to say that nobody wants to lose their case because of a heated text message exchange or Facebook post.

When in doubt, Chandler divorce attorneys suggest keeping the following tips in mind:

• Try to reduce your use of texting and social media if you are involved in a court case.

• If you must text, be brief and to the point.

• Ask a trusted friend to review any questionable messages before sending.

• Do not bash your ex, even when you think the conversation is private.

• Do not delete your text messages or social media profiles. Rather, deactivate your account for the duration of your case.

In conclusion, be smart. Think before you type. Do not lose your case before it even begins!