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Suffering From a Lack of VITAMIN ME?

2.13.20 Posted By Alison Anders Uncategorized

A reader recently relayed that Valentine’s Day would be spent with their true love…food. There may be no love sincerer than the love of food, but there is no love more important than self-love! Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day loving food, in love, or Han-style (Solo, that is), this Guymon Law Self-Care Top Ten is for you:

10: Since I like you a latte, ditch that diet and indulge in your favorite treat.

9: Remember there are bigger fish to fry. Practice mindfulness this month, letting go of that which will not affect you in the long-term.

8: I think you’re the best thing since sliced bread, how about you? Post a list of your favorite characteristics in plain sight as a daily reminder of your worth.

7: There is no icing on the cake like Flat Iron. Find ways to connect with the outdoors. Exposure to the outdoors reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety and allows you the opportunity to reset.

6: Donut forget your sleep. Symptoms of sleep deprivation include weight gain, fatigue, and depression. These symptoms greatly impact self-esteem and daily performance. Fight that sleep debt.

5: Ditching your phone is a tough nut to crack, but there is a correlation between high levels of screen time and increased anxiety. Love yourself by minimizing time with electronics.

4: For every negative self-comment you utter, three positive comments are required to balance the scales. Speak kindly to your eggsquisite self and auto-correct when you deviate to criticism.

3: Increased brain functioning? Meditation soups me up and makes miso happy! Did you know that you can actually “grow” your brain and increase thought processing speeds? Bam!

2: If you want to be cool as a cucumber, get business in order. There is nothing that expresses self-care like creating a will or addressing looming legal troubles. Guymon Law can help!

1: Time to spill the beans on our #1…expresso how much someone beans to you by acts of kindness. Showing appreciation for others improves not only the quality of your life but the quality of others.