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Because the right to parent a child is fundamental, it is difficult to sever a biological parent’s rights. However, certain circumstances allow a third party to request that the juvenile court terminate a parent’s rights to his or her child. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, abandonment, severe drug or mental health issues, and abuse of a child. At Guymon Law, our firm will ensure that you are given realistic advice and guided through the process of filing for termination of parental rights in Chandler. We offer the services, personnel and knowledge that you need for this complex legal process. Contact us today to request a legal consultation.

How a Severance Attorney in Chandler Can Help

The termination or severance of a parent’s rights is one of the most serious matters handled by the family courts. A caring and professional Chandler child support lawyer will be committed to providing the highest-quality legal representation available to you and your family – improving your chances of effectively achieving your goals for the case. A lawyer can handle the legal side of things while you focus on yourself and your family. When the outcome of a case has the power to change your child’s life, work with an experienced attorney for the best possible results.

What Does the Termination of Parental Rights in Chandler Mean?

As the name implies, the termination of parental rights means to remove the parental relationship between an individual and a child in the eyes of the law. This strips the individual of rights that only belong to a parent or legal guardian, including the right to make important legal decisions for the child. This is a permanent decision to end the parent-child relationship. If parental rights are severed, the parent loses all right to custody and visitation with the child. The parent will also no longer have any responsibilities in terms of child support. In addition, the child will become ineligible for any inheritance from the parent.

Reasons for Severance of a Parent’s Rights in Arizona

Since the termination of parental rights is such a serious decision, it is not one that the courts in Arizona take lightly. If the other parent, a child’s grandparents, a health care professional, Child Protective Services or another party petitions the courts for the severance of parental rights, a judge will carefully analyze the facts of the case to determine a suitable ruling for the particular situation. A judge will make this decision based on the best interests of the child.

There are several reasons why a judge may rule to terminate parental rights in Arizona, including:

  • Voluntary termination. If a biological parent is unable to care for a child, he or she may choose to voluntarily terminate the parental relationship.
  • Child neglect, abuse or abandonment. If there is proof of a parent neglecting, abandoning or intentionally harming a child, this can sever the parent-child relationship.
  • Substance abuse. If a substance abuse disorder rules a parent incapable of caring for a child, the parent may lose his or her parental rights. The same is true if the parent has the mental incapacity to care for the child for other reasons.
  • Conviction of a crime. A criminal conviction against the parent, especially for a crime involving sexual abuse or domestic violence, can be enough for a judge to terminate the parent’s rights.
  • Inability to prove paternity. If someone was presumed to be the father of a child but cannot prove paternity through a DNA test, this could take away the father’s parental rights.

The termination of parental rights in Chandler is an extremely complicated area of family law. Each case is unique. The best way to find out if you have grounds to terminate someone else’s parental rights – or to protect yourself against this outcome if you wish to preserve your parental rights – is by working with an experienced attorney.

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