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Mediation is a common part of divorce and legal separation cases in Arizona. Mediation can help your family avoid going to court. To improve your chances of successful mediation in Chandler, work with a qualified and experienced family law attorney at Guymon Law.

Family law matters need to be handled with care and patience. The team at Guymon Law is experienced with all areas of family law, and our mediation services will help you and your family move through legal processes smoothly and as peacefully as possible. If you need a prenup or mediation attorney in Chandler, AZ, call us today.

What We Do

Mediation can be valuable in a number of family law cases:

  • Prenuptial agreements: The start of a marriage is exciting and often scary, but with a secure Chandler prenup in place, you can feel at ease. However, sometimes extra help is needed to reach an agreement on how to split pre-marital property.
  • Divorce: During a Chandler divorce, emotions run high, and conflict can easily occur, which makes the divorce process difficult. However, we are here to help you and your spouse navigate this transitional phase and come to a fair compromise.
  • Child custody: Determining what’s best for a child during or after a divorce can be challenging if both parents or other parties involved are all emotionally invested and potentially have unresolved feelings about the others. We think of what’s best for the child to reach a healthy and stable custody situation.
  • Adoption: Being welcomed into a family is scary for a child. It’s also scary for the family. We can help the Chandler adoption process go smoothly so your family can feel whole and happy.

Our goal is to keep familial relationships as healthy as possible. We want to reach a happy compromise, so we listen to every party involved and help them resolve anger or hurt to communicate better. Guymon Law helps families in Chandler, AZ, reach lasting solutions to disputes and conflicts. For 10 years, we have worked with families of all shapes and sizes and have created long-lasting relationships with our past clients.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is an out-of-court procedure involving the two parties with a dispute and an impartial third party, whose job it is to assist the couple in reaching a settlement agreement. This third party is known as a mediator and is often a retired judge, a lawyer (one that does not work for either party) or a professional who is trained in conflict resolution.

During mediation in Chandler, both parties will state their desired outcomes for the divorce or legal separation. Then, the table will be open for counteroffers and negotiations. The couple – with assistance from the mediator – will attempt to reach a compromise and agree on all of the terms of the split. If mediation is successful, they will bring the agreement to a judge to finalize the order.

How a Mediation Lawyer in Chandler Can Help

Whether or not you involve a lawyer during mediation is up to you. You may need a legal advocate to help you stand up for your rights during conversations and negotiations with your spouse. This is especially true if your spouse has hired an attorney. You and your spouse will need to work through all of the elements of your divorce, including child support, child custody and property division. Having a lawyer by your side can help you get through these conversations while protecting your best interests. If mediation fails, your attorney can help you with a divorce trial in Chandler instead.

The Benefits of Chandler Mediation

Successful mediation can protect your family from the emotional stress and financial burden of a family court trial. Working out your case with your spouse during mediation allows you to get a divorce without going to court. This can save you a great deal of time and money, as well as protect your family from the hassle of a trial.

Mediation keeps the details of your divorce settlement private and confidential, whereas a trial is a matter of public record. Finally, mediation allows you to remain in control of the terms of your divorce or separation. Unlike a judge, a mediator does not have the power to create a court order or divorce decree. The outcome of mediation is up to you and your spouse.

What to Expect During Private Mediation

Knowing the basics of how mediation works in Arizona can better prepare you and your family for this legal process. The only parties who will attend mediation are you, your spouse and the mediator. However, both parties are allowed to bring their attorneys, if desired. The location of the mediation is up to the parties involved. It is often a conference room in a neutral place, such as a room at the courthouse or an attorney’s office.

The mediator will help facilitate an open conversation between you and your spouse about the essential issues involved in your case. You or your spouse will talk one at a time, with the mediator helping to resolve any conflicts with creative solutions. At the end of mediation, it is up to you and your spouse whether or not to sign off on an agreement. If you didn’t have your lawyer present during Chandler mediation, it is important to bring the agreement to your lawyer before signing. If mediation results in a settlement, you will submit it to a judge for a Final Order, and this will be the conclusion of your case.

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If you believe that mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution is the right choice for your divorce or legal separation case, contact the Chandler mediation lawyers at Guymon Law right away to arrange a consultation. We can help you understand the elements of mediation and what will be needed of you during your meeting. Call (480) 680-8823 or contact us online today to speak to our attorneys.